Money Laundering Implies Restrictions on Crypto Exchanges

Restrictions on Crypto are increasingly amended, and the factor remains it’s utility to tech-savvy criminals. The move was intended to bind all exchanges under one regulation, which restricts them to exploit identification norms for their users.

The restrictions and regulations are handed over from FAT-F which is an intergovernmental organization, incorporated to regulate financing and money transfers for terrorism and criminal objectives. The rule in crypto is applied to ensure user information and details for the purpose of share it with others. In one aspect, it hampers the privacy of users and on the other it open doors for financial institutions.


The operations of the Crypto market are still at their primary level, though the benefits they are offering are higher, and more importantly, it is going into the wrong hands. Recently, CipherTrace a blockchain firm has released a report, which states ” criminals and scammers have extracted a $4.26 billion approx. from the crypto market, within first 6 months of 2019.

Countries with a balanced rule, like US-Japan and Europe, have imposed verification rules for the crypto exchanges in their countries. This strategy is known as “Know your customer”. Still, several countries have exchanges that do not ask for any identification needs.

An International Software to Facilitate Anti-money Laundering

Reports and latest events declare that many countries are looking forward to restraining money laundering in Crypto Market. According to a report from Reuters, ” Japan’s government is looking forward to launch a system called “SWIFT”, which is primarily used by banks. Another report from Nikkei, states the plan made by 15 countries which provides an idea to create software for sharing and gathering user information.

Though as per the instructions of FATF, in the present circumstance, there is no scenario to bring government surveillance for the purpose.

Possibility of Future

As per Yaya Fanusie (Blockchain analyst & consultant and former CIA economist and counterterrorism analyst), the methods of artificial transactions will not sustain anymore. And possibly to overcome this situation, people may find decentralized ways of exchange or simply quit their regular ones. He further adds this slot of people will stay constant.

Soon, substantial financial firms have the potential to take the crypto market to its next generation. This is possible only when money laundering rules are placed properly. He even says that the coming years are the deciding ones for crypto sustainability.


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