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Top10BitcoinSites.com is a web portal for investigations, reviews, and educational materials concerning crypto trading, forex investments, and the CFD derivative. Here you can find vital information for the development of the global investment markets and how you can join them.

Even if you are a novice, we have made the effort to enable you to join the field through the compiled materials gathered on the website, These can help you gain fundamental knowledge for your success as a participant in the industry of online trading. Our up-to-date information, financial news coverage, and free training resources can help you stay informed on the latest developments and opportunities.

All of the provided information is free and you can access it at any time to gain inside knowledge, additional information, or just some trading advice. We are happy to share our experience with you and we invite you to do the same!

Sam Conner

Hello users, My name is Sam Conner and I and my friend Lin Capral founded the crypto trading portal Top10BitcoinRobots with the basic idea of establishing a digital space where investors would be free to share ideas and experience. Our other hope was that people would be enabled to acquire new strategies, innovative cryptocurrency exchange methods, crypto mining news updates. It is crucial for us to keep you, the avid crypto trader, well-informed about the possible perils that lurk in the vast spaces of the Internet. For every legit currency trading software, there are at least three scam crypto robots. My wish is to help users avoid them. This is why our team conducts exhaustive investigations, inspecting every detail about a given cryptocurrency investment system.

Our conclusions and findings are presented in the form of comprehensive crypto trading reviews. Make sure to pay attention to them!

Let me tell a little bit more about myself. I am a Financial Analyst by profession. Having worked my entire life in the financial services sector, I have managed to build a solid investment portfolio. It all began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and right after graduating from university, I began working as a Junior Financial Analyst at a startup company, dealing with financial solutions. The firm achieved a steady growth pattern in its first year of existence and I became the Senior Financial Analyst. My firsts sphere of expertise was the stocks and bonds market. As the company expanded, I was assigned to be Head Team Manager of the whole department, dealing with real estate investment brokers. As one could imagine, it was quite the lucrative position to hold. But the Financial Crisis caused severe damage to the firm’s business …

Just about the same time, online trading systems were gaining momentum and popularity. The first ever cryptocurrency – Bitcoin – was also released, changing the lives of all of us forever. The company I worked for turned their attention towards the high-frequency trading market, as well as Forex and CFD investments. I acquired the position of Head of Digital Trading Operations. Cryptocurrencies quickly grabbed my attention and I started meeting with more and more clients that were interested in them. It was not long before I began investing myself. The rest, as they say, is history! I and my longtime friend Lin Capral want to bestow our know-how and understanding of the virtual markets (the cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin trading, and Altcoin investment spheres, in particular) with users.

Digital currencies and the Internet enabled all of us to trade and achieve consistent and stable daily results, even if one does not have a higher education or professional background in finance and economics. All that it takes is to do it the right way! Trade smart and invest crypto!

Lin Capral

People have been enabled to participate in online trading by the availability of browser-based platforms, brokers, and systems with autopilot capabilities. This has opened the gates for people with very limited experience in the field. Sometimes, even complete newbies who have never heard of trading online join the industry in hope of finding fortune. In a growingly digitalized world, it has become extremely hard to find trust and to discover reliable and authentic solutions made by genuine people.

Hi, my name is Lin Capral. I and my partner Sam Conner are painfully aware of the fact that there are very few reliable tools you can use safely in the field and generate positive returns. While he is the financial analyst of this world, I am the tech guy. I have worked for years in the development of electronic trading platforms, such as MetaTrader, including automated trading systems. You can say I know the Ins and the Outs of what any platform that supports Forex, CFD, futures, and cryptocurrency trading needs to have. Nowadays, everyone claims to be an expert and tries to give an educated opinion about the quality of the available solutions. But very few of these people actually know what they are talking about.

There is a significant number of factors that need to be considered when developing an investment platform. These include speed of processes, the indicators which are monitored by the system, market conditions, and many more. And this is only in terms of platform capabilities. Additionally, what should also be considered are authentication elements like IDs and digital certificates, encryption protocols, standards for recording transactions, and price quotes standards. All of these boring tech stuff ensure that your experience on the electronic trading platform, whether it is a robot or a broker, is secure and safe. Many creators miss that and many more lie about providing these conditions in their environments. That’s why I and Sam decided to unite our knowledge and expertise in an effort to provide you with adequate comparisons, analyses of the qualities and features, and guidance on the authentic and legit online automated trading platforms.

Inform yourself on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us if you want more information or assistance with anything! Be smart about trading and you will be able to enjoy a fruitful experience!

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