How We Rank

Investment platforms, especially ones that offer trading of cryptocurrencies, do everything in their power to attract users. They often use misleading information and huge empty promises to achieve that.

We wish to prevent investors, especially inexperienced ones, from falling for scam investment systems and platforms. We strive to be honest and upfront with our readers, and to provide them with unbiased and authentic information about the options they have in front of them. Which are safe to trade with and which aren’t.

Our team works tirelessly to rank cryptocurrency trading systems and platforms from scam to safe, and we wish to introduce you to part of our methodology. Ranking systems involves 3 stages.

Stage 1: Collecting Relevant Data

Our team uses manual and automated methods of collecting relevant information about the platforms that get released every day. Here are some of the ways we achieve that:

  • becoming mystery clients for the platforms;
  • analyzing user-generated feedback;
  • using web-crawling software;
  • comparing prices & values across platforms.

This is just part of the methods we use. To keep our investigators protected and guarantee their chance to test without pressure, we will not reveal the rest of our methods.

Stage 2: Ranking from Scam to Safe

We consider several elements when we determine the safety of a system or a platform. Among them, but not limited to, are:

  • Financial Operations: Deposits and withdrawals need to be safe, secure, and without hassles. Users must be able to choose the transaction method they prefer – whether through a credit card, PayPal, or something else. And withdrawals need to happen within 5 business days to be considered excellent.
  • Security: Platforms need to guarantee that the personal data of their users is secured on multiple levels. They need to provide safety that guarantees no one can receive unauthorized access to accounts or misuse investments. Policies like KYC and Anti Money Laundering need to be applied with their full force.
  • Licensing: If a platform has not been licensed, you are not investing your funds in a safe place. Always make sure systems are connected to licensed platforms and they are allowed to provide a space for financial operations.
  • Opportunities: Smart investors never keep all their eggs in one basket. As a trader, you need to be provided with enough investment opportunities to diversify your portfolio and secure your investments.
  • Feedback: As we mentioned above, user-generated information is of crucial importance. It can give a clear sign of what experience certain platforms provide.
  • Promotions: We keep a close eye on the mouth-watering promotions some investment platforms provide. Most do them to attract more people. Never trust a promotion blindly if all the terms and conditions for participating are not present.

Resisting Scam Systems

Dozens of platforms launch every month and most turn out to be dangerous for investors. We use our thorough analyses and user-generated content to do our best in exposing these scam systems.

Relevant information and the truth about many of the systems can be found on our website. We rely on the users to alert the community of shady platforms and trading providers so that they can be investigated and exposed for the scams they are.

A Warning to Scammers

Investment platforms rely on clients. So make your clients your priority. We urge providers and exchanges to provide legit and reliable safe services to keep the investment field a secure and trusted place.

Advice for Traders

Always stay alert. No matter how good an opportunity sounds, weigh the risks and do your own research. Investing and especially trading with cryptocurrencies is something that carries a lot of risks. Ensure the safety of your funds and trade with confidence by staying vigilant.

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